Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Ecstasy And Tragedy Of Falling Birds

Beebe, Ark. 
Dec. 31, 2010

Winged passions
pump through veins
as tightening air suddenly
bursts and the sky collapses

in flight they collide
one long gutsy swirl
into waves breaking on shore
with shining eyes

the pale-throated swallows turn
into each other
pushing against smooth wet sand
over and over
again and again
without looking.



zonedin said...

What am I going to do with all this excess swirling passion?!!! JFC!!! I'm a rag doll washed upon the shore....you're killing me.

rivercat said...

dead birds falling from the sky, and they dont know why yet or do they? I havent kept up with it. that was very strange story though. Until they find the reason all the birds fell and died i think its normal to assume it was sexually related in some way either directly or indirectly . maybe it was some kind of jonestown sky orgy, im not sure anyone knows yet:))

zonedin said...

It's just wild! I love to watch the birds in flocks... movements choreographed only by the nature inside of them. Sometimes I see them while waiting at a stoplight and I wonder..... why is my day moving like this? Why can't I move like that? Even with the harsh realities they must endure at times, I really envy birds.

I would never clean you up. You're beautiful!

rivercat said...

i think you could really get a cool poem out of that. I was tempted to write something but its so close ( its fine as it is - I just mean to reduce it down a little to poem form)with "choreographed only by the nature inside them" which sounds cool

oh about my profile comment...
aw shucks :))

zonedin said...

Thank You..I'll think bout it more these next couple days. I have some dreams I'm thinking of doing something with too.