Monday, March 14, 2011

Death By Steam And Noise

It was a time of
disruption and great confusion

of lives being tilled
and harrowed and of
immovable objects having to be moved

The embattled occupant
of a soiled world prepared as best he
could for the inevitbale
onslaught of deafening
mechanized monsters and
ghouls with long arms
that spit with a heat
turning water
to steam

At the fateful hour
they were heard approaching
and with a traumatizing
knock on the door it had begun
the carpet cleaners
had arrived.




dead-girl said...

wow, unexpected ending i like that

zonedin said...

Bye, bye dust mites! Welcome the freshness of spring!

rivercat said...

thanks dead
ha ha zoned, i wonder how many dust mites ive ever eaten :)

Trickie said...

That's a twist.

rivercat said...

Hi trickie, I was really scared a couple days ago when they did my carpets because one of my cats was missing. I found it after thinking it ran out the door ( in the space where the hose comes through for the steam machine) but luckily I found her hiding behind the washing machine a few hourse later. I wrote this just before they came lol and the knock part was like a minute before and at the time it was funny. I feel like im telling you a boring dream so i'll stop now :)