Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The dark eyes of a shadow

There is a symmetry to silence
 this quirky dance
 the private romance
 of our memory

And somewhere
 between the
 boarding pass
 and the far reach
 of a spectrum

A reflection looks
 through glass
 past what
 we know

To find a glow
 in the dark eyes
 of a shadow.



Akeith Walters said...

What a curious poem. Nice read.

Anna Sergi said...

I love the quirky dance, private romance of our memory *_*

saraht said...

Authentic and thoughtfully approached. Wonderful!

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

"To find a glow
in the dark eyes
of a shadow."
I find this utterly romantic.

The Dreamer said...


roseanna2u said...

I love this, and thanks for the comment on my poem. Yours give me goosebumps. <3

Simran said...

To find a glow
in the dark eyes
of a shadow.

Shows your excitement :)
Beautifully Composed ..

Whatever said...

Alive, I try not to think so much,
but to feel.
Not to know the future or the past,
but clear the way for the light, the electricity and magnetics of heart and soul. where sometimes even eyes are deep enough to drown in.

Anonymous said...

is this about aliens?

dead-girl said...

this is what brings it together for me:

A reflection looks
through glass
past what
we know

great writing your spirit is in it :)

mhairi! said...

Why is it only now the time should pass enough for us to find each other's blogs?

Compelling in simplicity, delicious by secrecy, crux divine and somehow passive in knowledge.

You've captured me and I can't wait to read more X

lvroftiques said...

It's delish RC! Vanna

rivercat said...

Akeith , thanks for stopping by to comment :)
Anna Sergi , always a pleasure, thanks
saraht, I appreciate the kind words :)
Psycho Babbling Basher , hi PBB, Thanks for the nice comment :)
The Dreamer, glad to see you stop in :)
roseanna2u, my pleasure and thanks :)
Simran, thanks, your time poem was wonderful. Thanks for the nice comment :)
Whatever, I always feel especially soothed by your soulful words :)
Anonymous, I think we are all aliens to others somewhere, so yes :)
dead-girl, thanks for such a nice comment, yes I agree with you :)
mhairi!, Thanks for commenting, your site really caught my eye and heart,your words are inpiring, they seem both ethereal and concrete somehow :)
lvroftiques, hi vanna, thanks for stopping in. I still cant get that picture of your dog our of my mind!

Linda said...

Rivercat, hi there,
I don't know what's the matter with me except that I am far too literal stuck in the black and white. So, I have to ask about what others seem to already know. I get a feeling, a sense, but can't know what you mean here. All I can say is I really like you and what you have to say. Ha. How brilliant am I.
Thinking of you and wondering what you are thinking.

rivercat said...

I dont think it is others or me really kowing what is or isnt going on. I find that not knowing for certain in general about things allows for more understanding and definitely for me less stress.
That said I will give you the genera sense i was thinking about as I remeber it. If it takes on some new meaning forme im fin with that but this is loosely what was going on when i wrote it a couple days ago ithink...
Ok,the firt stanza is about setting the tone about thinking, the dualities at play,from sub atomic particles charges ( +,-), to wondering whether or not someone loves you.
The second is about trying to be inclusive and the self, and how a poem can be about a lot of things and one thing at the same time
the third is about subjectivity and the idea objective reality, and a more defined narrative in the context of the picture I made for the poem.
The last one is open to interpretation depening on how you read it but generally could be about self reflection, thinking about someone you love,or trying to see the good in yourself and others in difficult and emotionally charged situations.
Thanks for visiting and commenting :)

Nicole✗✗ said...

This has a lot of depth. I loved it from the beginning. Those first four lines are so engaging and then it ends so beautifully mysterious. Really enjoyed this!! I just read above that you also made the picture. Oh my goodness it is wonderful. You are so multi-talented! Great job!

Trickie said...

"Symmetry to silence" Yes there is. Like an equilibrium, a balance.
I almost missed this post.
I love reading your poetry, it inspires my days.
Thank you Rivercat.

rivercat said...

nicole, thanks , On multi talent- you've never seen me bowl :p

hi trickie, thats a very nice compliment , wow thank you. Im still learning how to write.
I like how you put yourself into the stories (( I mean your persona here and there in the characters) and I told you already I feel a need to be able to put sensuality in my poems if i want to without seeming unauthentic, and I think reading your blog is slowly helping me :)

Trickie's short story blog


Alcina said...

The dark eyes of shadow..the title is just so apt for your will be in my memory for a very longtime...repeating itself on and on

Came by your blog a bit late..but hopefully didn't miss your superb writings :)