Monday, March 14, 2011

From Before A Universe

Nothing could be like her
sheer blue fire
nothing as beautiful

and as beautiful as nothing
 as nothing is she that came before the shore
and sea

Some think her too generous with her light
too giving to the spreading stars
but so much brighter is she
that gives to others what she has 
so they can shine
 more brightly

She makes me brighter
and now I see  that before the first breath
was she
patiently encouraging a dream to reality

And when in a damp cold sweat
I lie quivering,  shaking or scared by the unknown
or when in fear or uncertainty I withdraw
She comes and sits beside me
soothing me and smoothing out my lumps to
allow possibilities to be laid out evenly and clearly
Comforting and nourishing me
 like tea and toast after a fever's gone away
And calmly inspiring me, and reassuring me
that everything will be OK.



Nicole✗✗ said...

That is really beautiful!! Bravo!

Kindred Spirit said...

beautiful and inspiring

Anonymous said...

you are too wonderful for words. this is darling :)

vonyd said...

Are you talking about the moon?

rivercat said...

@Nicole✗✗- I was so pleasd to see you there comments ..thanks!:)
@Kindred Spirit- so happy to see here kindred, thanks :)
@haze- wow, thanks, that was a nice thing to say <3
@vonyd- hi!,the 1st stanza is about a person I admire with the blue as in star blue heat which is very hot. the rest is about nothing and everything and feeling a part of both. That is a very uplifting poem on yur blog ( the tree)and a good way to look at things...omg what a gorgeous cat :)

Arian Tejano said...

this echoes Sylvia Plath's The Moon but in a different light. Yes this resonates pure light, something that does not expire. This is my first time here. Glad I found your blog :)

roseanna2u said...

Saw this before class and it made me feel good about taking an exam, which is nothing short of a miracle. Love this. <3

Anonymous said...

Your words are simply beautiful.


Shadow said...

this is mighty fine!!! glad you came over, for me to find your space...

rivercat said...

@arian thanks, love both plath your poems ,and i love the way you use words. I think the way you insert them, they kind of explain themselves, but I was glad to look a few up and learn something
and I should probably do that to here and there :)
@roseanna2u, that is a really nice thing to say.. and makes me feel good. :)
@tywo,your blog is uplifting, I love the pic you have as a banner and will be visiting again to read your older writing that i havent gotten to yet..lovely and inspring :)
@shadow- your writing is great. Have fun with the Drums its such good exercise for the mind and body..unfortunately I dotnt have the coordination and patience... piano and drums you have to do that two different things at once thing which freaked me out too much :)

Anonymous said...

i just gave you an award on my blog :)

rivercat said...

I'm honored! thanks Haze :)

You are so sweet. Here is a link to your blog for you to copy and paste ( view, source, edit,find,then enter "how far is heaven" and copy the code for the url code between the br's (break htmls on each end that isnt needed)to use in your post when you want to put in a link) as a thank you in case you dont have that already available...

This is the sweetest site, I think everyone should visit: far is heaven?

Trickie said...

Absolutamente hermosa!

rivercat said...

thanks trickie. I took spanish in HS & college,
and knew all the verb forms and had a decent understanding of the language but noone I knew spoke it. Slowly I forgot and i just know a few words now. For me language is use it or lose it, maybe if you speak two as a child it sticks more. usted es muy bonita y gracias para el comento :))