Thursday, March 31, 2011

Her Smile

It's true that
Her smile is a masterpiece of

But it was never the smile
or the way she might dangle
a pen in her mouth
or her dark angling eyes 
that compressed my heart
and pounded blood through
the sides of my neck

Poor soul
crushed to an ash
smitten, flushed
with a crimson glow
She crept into every pore.

He shifted past
yellow angels
enamored by the
rose lining of
her heart
and sped into the crash
of a love only imagined

But it's all too real
what she feels
when the swells rise inside
and the sky fills with thier dreams
as I sit watching with burning eyes

Love has again
cruelly passed by
and what's left are the screams
from the cold hollows of a
tortured soul as the dull blade
twists deeper through a punctured heart .


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The dark eyes of a shadow

There is a symmetry to silence
 this quirky dance
 the private romance
 of our memory

And somewhere
 between the
 boarding pass
 and the far reach
 of a spectrum

A reflection looks
 through glass
 past what
 we know

To find a glow
 in the dark eyes
 of a shadow.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Mandarin Universe

                                    "Our Mandarin Universe"   Acrylic on Digital Print

The edges of an eclipsed
 sun give birth in broken
shocks of light
to day love and life

We lift ourselves
to yawning
blades of grass near
an ocherous tree
raised by the mountains
beside us

Into an infinity
of yes as our
wings fall away
in the ultimate flight
immersed in the
syrup of our
 mandarin universe


My Kuruvinda,

                                 ...and in Her hands ( might )

She splayed thier legs
and let lightning
strike them

And as the thunder
rolled between thier chests
they felt the glaring
fire and their endless limbs

past the climbing hills of thought
and the shyness sunken in valleys

To rubies held under flesh
in their scarlet garden
unattached to preference
as the Hands of God
weigh heaven and earth


Friday, March 18, 2011

Notes Cloaked In Feathers

( click picture to see the birds! )

cloaked in feathers
bloom in the sky
writing love songs

I throw off my dancing shoes
and join the bright vision
to write in the air and see
how high it goes

I would have asked you
to come with me
but I trust in the air
to ask questions

and hope you'll soon
be flying nearby


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

.........................We Danced In The Burning Sky..............

There was a time
when my heart lay broken
and hidden away in its chest
and my love life lay scattered 
along the frozen tundra of loneliness 

I doubted whether I would ever fall in love again.
But the beauty of life is that we do fall in love again !
and that ultimately we benefit from the experiences of our past
which help us to distinguish the differences between love lust and wanting 
and help us to recognize and answer true love when it calls...

When I saw her
my heart melted and caught fire...

 she was beautiful and kind, and I thought I was falling in love...
but I had been in love before and was still unsure of
   what I was truly feeling...

And Then
I felt something like I've never felt before
something  beautiful
reaching out to me
something that transcended the desires of the flesh
and all the things of this world
 something so beautiful
that I opened my soul to embrace whatever it was !

And as our souls
met each other for the first time
we danced
in the burning sky
embraced In each other amidst the fires of eternity
 a new reality of Love
more real
than existence itself
and I knew then that my heart
 was hers forever

Monday, March 14, 2011

From Before A Universe

Nothing could be like her
sheer blue fire
nothing as beautiful

and as beautiful as nothing
 as nothing is she that came before the shore
and sea

Some think her too generous with her light
too giving to the spreading stars
but so much brighter is she
that gives to others what she has 
so they can shine
 more brightly

She makes me brighter
and now I see  that before the first breath
was she
patiently encouraging a dream to reality

And when in a damp cold sweat
I lie quivering,  shaking or scared by the unknown
or when in fear or uncertainty I withdraw
She comes and sits beside me
soothing me and smoothing out my lumps to
allow possibilities to be laid out evenly and clearly
Comforting and nourishing me
 like tea and toast after a fever's gone away
And calmly inspiring me, and reassuring me
that everything will be OK.


Death By Steam And Noise

It was a time of
disruption and great confusion

of lives being tilled
and harrowed and of
immovable objects having to be moved

The embattled occupant
of a soiled world prepared as best he
could for the inevitbale
onslaught of deafening
mechanized monsters and
ghouls with long arms
that spit with a heat
turning water
to steam

At the fateful hour
they were heard approaching
and with a traumatizing
knock on the door it had begun
the carpet cleaners
had arrived.



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sonnet 2 spoken word with Guitar

                 CLICK HERE FOR Sonnet 2 Spoken Word & Guitar mp3

This is me speaking sonnet 2 with the guitar. I wrote the guitar accompaniment and it can be used for any of the 150 or so sonnets. Now you know what my voice sounds like. I hope I haven't scared anyone away.
I don't read a lot of  Shakespeare and I just chose this one out of the blue. It's about an older guy talking to a younger man about the reasons to get married ( I think). I love the words and the way they are used, but
am neutral on the content. I'm neither for or against having kids.

Here are the words in case you can't hear them:

When forty winters shall beseige thy brow,
And dig deep trenches in thy beauty's field,
Thy youth's proud livery, so gazed on now,
Will be a tatter'd weed, of small worth held:
Then being ask'd where all thy beauty lies,
Where all the treasure of thy lusty days,
To say, within thine own deep-sunken eyes,
Were an all-eating shame and thriftless praise.
How much more praise deserved thy beauty's use,
If thou couldst answer 'This fair child of mine
Shall sum my count and make my old excuse,'
Proving his beauty by succession thine!
This were to be new made when thou art old,
And see thy blood warm when thou feel'st it cold.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Voice From Inside The Painting

I'll never forget the first time I heard her
she said " Excuse me, can you help me ?"
those six words
spoken with a sweetness I had never heard
how beautiful they were to me
at that moment
and from that
moment on

How they sank so gently into my soul that day
along with her smile and the kindness in her eyes
feelings that make me want to always be near her

and I can still hear the words now
and will always feel them in my heart forever
because some things never change
and some feelings never go away

Because she's everything
there could ever be, and a million times more...
And I feel her soul stirring my insides
shaking my bones, and spreading
over me like melting butter every time I think of her.

    Yes I love Her

Can you see how happy she makes me?

  That's me running my fingers through her hair
   And it all began with those six little words she said to me...

   when I first felt the wondrous alchemy of her consciousness
 glistening in the air as she spoke

 and my spirit began soaring
because I knew she was the one!

and I could feel her words nestling comfortably,
affectionately, lovingly, and  passionately
into the core of my being

as if they had been there
   for an Eternity .


Monday, March 7, 2011

When We Talked About Whatever

only after closing our eyes
 could we finally see each other

and for the first time
 we realized
 that the empty space between us
was the place
for everything to become beautiful


Friday, March 4, 2011

Reunited With The Sea And Night

  as we stood together
   I  marveled at her

     Envious of the skin that felt her tears
     and the shadows that would always touch her

     And as she turned
     and walked away
     I suddenly remembered
      what loneliness was.



The Pepper Fish

Untangling trawling eyes
the nets unfold
and each is sorted by name
sword and salmon

We move quickly still through each other
rewarded by the likeness of our scale
as my love tears through the milky wrapping
releasing the sweet smell of a world all its own.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Heart In Grey Matter

My brain is not grey
unless you drain the blood out

(but today it's a rainbow
in a full circle
like I see in your eyes
every time I look
at your smile it's
like being born again
every time I see it
it's amazing
being with you is
like walking easily up
a mountainside
and floating down
reaching through the sky
past Saturn and
playing at the beach
all at the same


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Captured In Orbit Around Your Heart

and now I understand
why moons look
bigger near horizons

and how things don't always
get smaller as they move away.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Ecstasy And Tragedy Of Falling Birds

Beebe, Ark. 
Dec. 31, 2010

Winged passions
pump through veins
as tightening air suddenly
bursts and the sky collapses

in flight they collide
one long gutsy swirl
into waves breaking on shore
with shining eyes

the pale-throated swallows turn
into each other
pushing against smooth wet sand
over and over
again and again
without looking.