Monday, February 7, 2011

To Someone Somewhere

Now the shouting crowds
subside and a piercing
yell is heard.
Lost in the subway
a child died that way.

Agony out loud amidst the
noisy din of steel
a child died today.

Slow force starts up the train
and the bodies move in
mute harmony as the city's
lights go on.



Eye-shuh said...

a very strong piece of writing

zonedin said...

It's the kind of tragedy we all despise and wonder why it had to happen?

rivercat said...

Thanks for the comments.

This has a few interpretations. I think of it as the death blow to a childhood.

zonedin said...

Still I am mad and wonder why it had to happen?!!!

rivercat said...

i think it has to do with sex and the brain. as young children we arent very interested but then things begin changing and in order to support a potential family we start working. There is a theory that all creativity is just a means to the end of reproducing

zonedin said...

I can see that as a theory. My hell began when I grew boobs. I never wanted to reproduce. Was sure I'd be bad at it. I'll have to start telling stories again.