Monday, February 28, 2011

The Orange Tree

I've been looking in
not far
from where you are
at the beginning

and all through me
what's torn off to enjoy

I'm reminded that only in the Garden
was sanity in the eyes of fingers
as I pull my hat down over the sun
to see
and feel the dirt is clean.



Jen said...

I love this poem! Very nice.

rivercat said...

Hi Haze, I've pretty much figured out what happened. An anonymous poster put up some posts about thier personal life. Unfortunately for me, they started the posts with my blogger name, follwed by the names of other bloggers saying they were all the same person. Looking at the list of names, I realize they are not the same person. I know that because I am on that list and there are a few other names I know that are other blogs that have nothing to do with me.
My name is Rob, not Aaron...Im single, unmarried, and I don't live in Missouri and I dont have any kids ! although I do have two nice cats that are kind of like kids but they sleep a little more, and have 4 legs and a tail! :)

rivercat said...

thanks jen
you have a nice site, and theres such character in that gorgeous cat pic! must be a great kitty :)

haze said...

haha ok, now i feel relieved... thanks rivercat! and i'm sorry. :) btw, i commented on one of your posts last time, asking if you really were Webb, but i was too guilty and thought i was being unfair so i deleted it... (just in case you were curious) then right away, that Anon posted another comment on my blog saying you were, along with other usernames. Ok. that's it.

case cleared.

thanks! :)

rivercat said...

so nice to see you back :)

when i started blogging last year I was fooled
by an anon and it got me into trouble. Now I
take anons with a grain of salt. It can be someone you don't know or someone you know but since they are anonymous you probably never find out :/

haze said...

ahh yes, and really, since i'm not from US or anywhere near that, i don't have any idea about the sense of humor or jokes American people have. I hate that anon!

anyways, this poem is nice! they all are.

rivercat said...

thanks, what you write is magical :)

Brittany said...

Oh wow, this is great. Great imagery too.

rivercat said...

thanks Brittany :)