Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One Summer's Day

A quick croak and then
memory was dead
and the sky, the empty sky, filled
with haze, endless haze.

plaster and the sculptor was finished
and god created a war on poetry
the end of Xanadu.



zonedin said...

I had to look up Xanadu, because I really didn't know what it was. O dopey me! At first I thought of when I had to watch my friend Jerry shoot the frog and the frog was dead. I yelled at Jerry. We were 10yrs old.

rivercat said...

I first heard of it from the poem Kubla Kahn and found that its the name of an old city residence of some king or something and only after the poem became famous did the name take on the meaning of an any idyllic place. Did Jerry shoot frogs with a pea shooter or does "shoot the frog" mean something I am not sure about?

zonedin said...

He had a BB gun and we spent summers tracking animals in the mountains near Yosemite. We were crazy for each other, but all very innocent. I got very mad at him when he got the BB gun as a gift and shot at the birds, frogs and lizards...he laughed for a while but later stopped. I followed him and sent mental curses that he would miss. Before the gun, we would catch and play with the lizards, frogs and horny toads.

In later years he was the hero of our grandparents community when he shot the bear who became a nuisance. He had permission.

rivercat said...

sounds like a cool place to grow up