Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nothing At All

I write on white leaves
and leave my mark
in the room of a house I never built.

I close my eyes and hear
the faint rumble of voices through
the door and think.
if I can hear, I must have ears
and that noise is the beginning
and eternity is nothing at all.



Whatever said...

Maybe it's "everything at all" too. I don't know either.

rivercat said...

for a long time i thought your icon was a shoulder with internal organs and bones. i looked closer and it looks more like watermelon and an asparagus stalk on a food tray or something. its looks cool whatever it is.

Whatever said...

It is a fig pie, with slices of fresh fig on the top, the fig in the centre is heart shaped in the middle. :)

rivercat said...

Oh, thanks :) I see the heart and pie now.