Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hearts And Roses

Where am I when
this is big enough

feeling deeper than being
has ever been

thinking I'm thinking
about you again.



haze said...

awww... this is sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

sure is sweet :-)

zonedin said...

Valentines comes around every year and I notice that the guys don't want the smaller flower bouquets. They'd rather have six large roses in a big vase with lots of filler flowers than 24 wee little roses in a tiny vase and no filler, unless it's for their mother.
(Just a small observation from a floral designer.) I bet it's the same with the chocolate hearts.



Julia said...

Sweet :)

roseanna2u said...

Oh I Love this. <3

rivercat said...

thanks to all for the nice comments :)

@zonedin- i guess they think their girl would prefer size over numbers. id have to see them as im not all that familiar with them

Beyond said...

I often wonder why I many a times feel her absence in my wonderful moments... and yes I have my wonderful moments without her presence but just with her thought.

zonedin said...

sweetheart roses are very tiny little buds...they are very sweet and cute, but usually come in cream, pink or yellow. There's some tiny buds in red too.'s good to see you and know you are there. Sometimes my thoughts are more powerful than reality.