Thursday, February 24, 2011

Letting The Dog Out

it happens
for all sorts of reasons
the pictures are too big
for the screen so we
focus on parts and make

thinking you're not good enough
every other second
and outside in between seconds

thinking about acceptance
and putting up with
and how different they are
about putting off
what really isn't important
or what is and why you're
still unsure about which is
reasoning or rationalizing

finding the strength
glued into bed
picking up the pace and realizing you did it
you jumped up out of the basement window

realizing that feeling uncomfortable can also mean
you've accomplished something
hard to do
you let the dog out.



haze said...
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Yes, we make assumptions in a haste. nice and pragmatic.

Moniek said...


zonedin said...

Is this about the "Black dog" or the Golden Retriever?

rivercat said...

Thanks all forthe comments :)
Hi haze, I dont know what you said but thanks anyhow :D

zoned-Im not sure what you mean. The poems about the various downer moods and them passing when we have the ability to rise above them and let the dog out. Churchill called his depession the black dog. theres a book about how england didnt fall due to hitler being the focus an therefore a kind of cure for his depression...something evil enough for him to be motivated ...who knows??

zonedin said...

I hadn't read any of I have a lot to learn, but I was imagining the black dog as an angry dog and the Golden Retriever as happy and sweet. So I was just wondering which dog was let out?

rivercat said...

both have to be let out, in a way to answer the barking for help and in a way stop listening to the noise...or the call from the self and the depression and at the same time representing as well the inability to do even simple things (physically letting a real dog out, be it a black dog ( most destroyed dogs due partly to superstition?) or the mainly good natured lab/ret's or beagle -you can be that down to not even let them out to poop for real really down needing a physician down and
its not that youre mean but that youre sick.. We dont want to feel that way and we usually hopefully,let the dog out way before that point.
but its metaphorical anyway and about nt getting up for a couple hours of anquish until we finally let the pooch poop!

rings said...

Scarves Scarves
Thanks for your wonderful thoughts, insights and links!

zonedin said...

Thanks for the very insightful explanation. I think I'm getting it. You know the Beagles I know are very high strung and have to poop a lot. They'll tear up your house if you don't let them out.

juniper said...

letting the dog out is as hard as keeping a vicious, fat cat in a small plastic bag. especially if you're phobic.

i just remembered that this piece gave me fuzzy feelings so i went back to read it and found i hadn't commented. it was a crime so i thought i should say something. :) x