Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Hope We Make It

Eye Opening
Grown by degree in rows and aisles
if they were events people would forget they are there
where they are
in a country right as rain speaking change we are different we work on pace with computers faster than the stress of sweating bullets breathing in
to air mattresses and blow up dolls.

In no parents land a blackmailed god feared letting the juice drip
but children put up with floods and grown women on farms we designed
and they do the best we can
we'd be dead otherwise.



Whatever said...

What if were already here?

rivercat said...

If we're here already, then we made good time??

zonedin said...

If we haven't already...We're going to make it after all...we're survivors!

roseanna2u said...

Here is everywhere <3

Whatever said...

lol, it's always a good time round here. :)

rivercat said...