Friday, January 14, 2011

Words Are Behind Us

Deep down words revolve around you

it's a time of dismantling reassembling

all thoughts all together all the time

so tired from the darkness standing up

all night. It's not about words per say

just the opposite they are only the clay

they debate and misplace emotions

the best and worst placed away to

remember the sweep of the hands that swept them

looking north and south for a new language past distant

trees in our journey we find they're walking behind us

to help us be what we feel they are revealed like the magical

hint of rain almost felt on the face seen falling like snow by

the lamp light.



zonedin said...

It's like the language of my dreams that I cannot seem to get on paper.

Whatever said...

And sometimes the words re-arrange themselves to mean new things each time without even having to think about it.