Monday, January 31, 2011


An elegant day
which went like cogs on wheels
all perfectly smooth
Why desire disorder

Units and quarks in harmony
in love with timing gears
and cool ignitions

I wonder about God
and who invented this diary

Cooling down I sip celestial
liquid then momentarily satisfaction
leaves me and I seek new experience

Bound on a wheel of desire
ahead of me celestial fire.



Kaleidoscope Girl said...

'I wonder about God
and who invented this diary'
I love the sense of continuous contemplation here.

rivercat said...

Thanks for the nice comment
Kaleidoscope Girl. :)

mckenzie. said...

wow. this is stunning. you're a very good poet. x

rivercat said...

hi mckenzie, thanks. I love reading your blog.

...both you guys are amazing writers.

zonedin said...

It looks like pollywogs on logs;~)

rivercat said...

That word reminds of something from my childhood i havent thought of in years ...the polynoses from our maple tree. We also had a horse chestnut tree that was a lot of fun too. It was nice of the trees to provide us with little toys each year.

zonedin said...

I always love those spinner things that fly like helicopters and the pods with seeds that were used to make our mud pies interesting.