Monday, January 17, 2011

Forget That I Ever Said Anything

Not my whispers but
my heart
giving and taking
what's missing

I love you - those three words have life in them
now defining a happiness beyond ourselves

you asked me if I want to live in
a world where there is no sadness
but today we are here so we
celebrate the coming of the next second
preparing quickly and updating our lists

and forget that I ever said anything
because I didn't we did
we said them to ourselves
beyond death

how close have we gotten
I can't blame anyone but me
I'm finding that I've diminished
that much.



zonedin said...

You mean like our perception of what was said, is really us saying the thing to ourselves, because maybe we actually perceived it wrong from what was intended?

rivercat said...

yes and that perception and the boundries of the two each others become known more over time...we think we know them but have to be careful

Anonymous said...

oh this is truly beautiful :)