Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Christmas Tale (my card for 2010)


I shut down my site so I wouldn't be tempted to post. I have to devote all my time without any distractions to my business during the second and third weeks of December. On reflection, maybe it's a little weird to do that.
I guess I'll just leave this note up for a while instead of deleting my blog.

When I was a kid I enjoyed Christmas so that's what I try to think about during the holidays...I hope you all have a nice holiday season.


zonedin said...

This is a cute card. I like Christmas because I like to make it special for others. I do lots of baking and this year I will be singing too. I'm glad you didn't delete your blog. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a good one for business too;~)

rescuecat said...

Thanks zonedin, I'm a disaster..usually am around Christmas time. The funny thing is I did get a lot done when my blog was gone and already I have spent a lot of time writing something since i posted my card. The days are flying by and minor tragedies are everywhere balling up into a nightmare. I project that some of them will end but they are persistent of all sorts weird and uncomfortable. I'm glad to hear youre into the spirit of the season and singing too! Good for you. I did some stuff spending time with local vet people and kittens to get new homes. So,I decided to change my blog name to rescuecat but rivercat was a pretty good name too.

zonedin said...

I like your new name. It sounds fitting for you. Hopefully the tragedies will diminish the nightmare will turn to a pleasant dream filled with purring kitties and smiling faces;~)