Saturday, November 13, 2010

Broken Column

On the daybed mattress
I sat apart imagining rose
cheeks with toys put in boxes
back in the sun on his shelf.

His last Christmas gifts
the wii zapper toy Indian
and happy face flashlight
reflecting in the surface shine
on his electronic red corvette
piggy bank.

He charged sprang and plunked
with crystal bright eyes and
a bursting playground smile
and loved to hold sparklers every
Fourth of July.

The room's quiet rings
around me as blind wind
chimes bring me back
to the wood stained
floor - the wind took him
away again.


1 comment:

zonedin said...

This one is a bright having been blessed with an angel for a time that will be a happy memory even when they're gone.

There was a 14yr old boy on a bicycle hit by a car in my town this weekend. It was the second car that killed him. No helmet. Things like this sicken me when I feel something could have prevented this tragedy and pain.