Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Serpent's Crest


He is soft

like dawn in the western sky

in his black eyes a young heart burns

to curve steel for his heraldic

crest his hands caress and craft

lures how loud beats the heart faint

heard by passing time.



zonedin said...

It's very pretty..would the crest have any words etched?

rivercat said...

this is using the old fashioned crest term meaning just the thingamabob on top of the helm of the whold thing. There are a lot of parts and the motto can be right on top of the crest but usually its at the bottom in a scroll...but if there was a motto it would read loser. In the poem it represents the selfish nature of the man.

zonedin said...

Here's the link I hope you like it. I'm liking all his stuff.