Monday, November 15, 2010


Her fast jade eyes
recorded in tinctures
subtle even whispers
now clouded and dull
ached by tired sighs.

Sparked by chance
she peers over the
walls observing the
clean swept quiet of

Lost in the tension of a taught
first bloom that opened slowly
vestiges now compressed under
a backwards lying book whose
pages hold of vast geological
black and whites lay records
unseen now viewable primal
touch and first kiss lucidly
recorded with return address.

Like exotic ships lost in the sun
still carrrying their passengers
wave to breathing foam from ocean's
depth the globes rise and breaking
the surface are quickly inhaled.



zonedin said...

This is taking some thought for me..but I think it's a memory, right?

rivercat said...

this is about remembering something you thought was lost. Most people think of elderly people as losing their memories slowly before dying, but sometimes, albeit on rare occasions, the opposite occurs. Sometimes repeated remembrances of an intense experience can hide similar previous experiences, in this poem, the intensity of the first sexual encounter obstructed the retrieval of the first kiss experience which happened years earlier.. and before she died she was finally able to remember that first kiss

Beyond said...

it feels like I'm melting in her.. or she is melting in me or we are both melting in each other.. ohhh it feels like love

zonedin said...

I remember my first and second kisses very clearly like yesterday. The first really horrible and the second absolutely wonderful! That's why I keep them both in memory. My other 1st memory is a long and meaningful story to me that actually is painful and I can never forget. So I am glad in the poem she remembers the first kiss because that is a happy ending to me.