Friday, November 5, 2010

Mona Lisa George

Mona Lisa George
smiles and millions sweat for
his eyes between their thumbs.

God was in our trust
account until eagles
died and the pyramids rotted
and arrows smoked leaves.

Tender for all debts
Public and Private
This note is.


zonedin said...

Is that a smile I see or am I just upside down?

rivercat said...

george has a mona lisa smile, yes.
Are you in Australia?

zonedin said...

Are you in Florida, Ireland, or New York? I may not be upside down because I am in California.

rivercat said...

Florida, visit nyc often cuz all my real good friends still live there. ca is nice.

Anonymous said...

Very nice words, they paint pictures on their own, which shows their power. (:

rivercat said...

I had a hard time deciding on whether or not to add the picture on the right. I usually dont and i probably shouldnt have. I liked your comment because it makes me think it doesnt really need it. Thanks

zonedin said...

I like it without the picture forces me to use my imagination more and think of the whole scheme of the monetary system.
I was supposed to visit a friend who lives in Florida, but she moved to New Hampshire before I could get there. So I'm going to Plymouth soon and she said we can go into New York City since I've never spent time there. But I did visit her a few years ago in Florida and there is a lot of water there. We kayaked with the alligators.