Monday, November 22, 2010

The Kiss


Afternoon knelt against

evening immature weeping

blanketed in rain purified

the soft red hills clustered in

distant shadows hid the

conventions and devices of




zonedin said...

You've been busy. I really love the way you put your words together. I am going to get some time here to spend sharing..I swear If it kills me. Keep are sooooo intriguing!

rivercat said...

hi zoned....thanks. To be honest, Im having severe doubts lately and it's like I am addicted trying to prove to myself I can write something interestingt (to me), but Im never really satisfied with what comes out so I try again. I think that game may be playing itself out though and its a good thing as I really want to finish desinging the air induction system for my car and I keep putting it off cause of my poetry addiction.

zonedin said...

No, please don't break from poetry and writing. You do have a gift there. Maybe you'd be as good at designing automobile air systems too. I good to be diversified. If I began to list all the projects I'm working on, it would surely bore you. I feel I should focus, but many of the projects are necessary. It's of course the not necessary ones I crave most. But I think in some way what I am most driven to do, is the most necessary of all!

rivercat said...

i have to clean my room, but im scared... It hasnt ever gotten this bad. Its going to have to be a two day project.Maybe writing this will help.