Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Hit And Run Highway

On Work :

The way out
has got to be
only a fraction
of a little part
of the way in and
when we run
often it's
just that our feet
won't move.

And on Love:

So you're on
the hit and run highway
now crowded thinking "why won't
they move?"

Welcome. Drive Carefully.


Whatever said...

Maybe they figured out there was nowhere left to run to. Maybe they got out and walked away, target for the new wave of learner drivers, as they swerve impatiently around the empty husks we left behind.

rivercat said...

hey whatever
thats a really interesting comment... could be its own post.
i appreciate it :)

zonedin said...

I am so happy when I am driving somewhere!

rivercat said...

I like being driven ... places I've never been before, and to places I'm not so sure I could get to by myself. :)

zonedin said...

"The road is always better than the inn" ~Cervantes