Sunday, November 14, 2010


From the cosmos falls
first girls and first boys
constellations of lips
dip brewed in deep
dark magic

pinwheels peppermints
and cotton candy beguile
perfume smiles breathing
blossom songs thick
with simile

no storms or Edgar
Allan Poe lite preened
not even the
bed bugs bite

green-eyed stars are
swallowed whole as
they marvel tug and
tussle on her red chemise.



zonedin said...

I love the words "cotton candy." This is another memory I think, but of yours maybe?

rivercat said...

I am contrasting teenage emotions with the wonder of the cosmos. Yes, we had a Country Fair including kissing booth, hayride and dunk tank. I remember things changing fast when angel dust honey oil and mesc showed up at the fair.

zonedin said...

I only had the cotton candy, but I can see how the new treats could change everything.

turtlenotes said...

This is great-enjoyed it:)