Friday, September 10, 2010

The Sky Opens For Us

As we know sound and
the silence around it
we memorize each
other's language

Each letter's solitude
and between each letter
the separation

we feel for the edges
and grow as warm
springs bring the sky


zonedin said...

I really like reading this, because I understand the silence in between and the clinging to every word, but I am not sure I understand it perfectly. Hope you are having a nice day.

rivercat said...

thanks:) This one started as a poem about two people in love a thousand years ago but it changed a little as i went along.
I hope your weekend is going well too. I have relatives visiting that i havent seen in a long long time. Sometimes I make too many small jokes I think and they dont seem to return any humor.
Also, lots of talk about fear of the world economy falling apart and investing and where to put money now. Im too optimistic it seems! I hope Im right and the world isnt really falling apart :))

Whatever said...

The sky was always open it was our mind that were too shut to see it.
And even if the economy does fall down the sky will still be there for free.