Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Letters On A River

Around the gates I opened fast
some letters on a river passed

through fancied worlds
of built up sand
it mattered not
what I had planned

No levees held no fix
could change the path
the letters rearranged

No matter what we might envision
the river makes its own decision


R said...

I read it and read it aloud and then when I heard "the river makes its own decision" I was awed.. amazing piece Rob.

Whatever said...

Nice flow here my friend, best to swim with the river of life than against it. :)

zonedin said...

I love to ride the river and trust it's flow. For if you don't fight it.. it will guide and eddy you safely to a warm sandy beach where you can rest. Of course you must remember to keep your feet forward and floating on top. Trying to stand on your own against its force could be detrimental. :~)

rivercat said...

thanks R,
I appreciate it. It originally said "the path that Love would rearrange" but I thought that was too much for the poem to handle :))

rivercat said...

@whatever, yes, i still try to go against the grain sometimes and at least I get a poem out of it :)

rivercat said...

@zonedin, even though im a rivercat, i havent learned to how to always swim with the flow. It seems to keep changing faster than I can adjust to it's conditions :))

zonedin said...

I did see the river as life or love. Yes, it does change rapidly:~) Hang in there baby... it'll all work out.

dora said...

it's terryfying how life/fate or whatever it is decides about us. how many elements have to be pull together to make two people meet each other. we can only help it somehow but it's scary that we just can't control it.

Nice metaphor ;)

rivercat said...

dora, i agree...but who knows what tomorrow will bring :)