Thursday, August 12, 2010


As I remember it
I was alive because
You were the moment
you know
how it feels


Whatever said...

Don't remember it, be it.
I don't know anything, but I feel so much!

rivercat said...

I am alive
you are
the moment
we are how
that feels

maybe this
is gooder :)
but im not sure

zonedin said...

I like that second "gooder" one.


I feel it
You know it
we are the moment
that feels alive!

rivercat said...

i like that
how about you feel it?
is you know it as good you feel it

Whatever said...

We are alive
This is how it feels
In sharing this moment
we become one.


zonedin said...

So are you saying:
I feel it,
you feel it


You feel it
You know it

I think feeling it is much better than knowing it..
That's when you are truly sharing the moment;~)

rivercat said...

knowing is kind of more boring
but sometimes my brain doesnt mind a rest
so i attempt to know more iguess :)
i just thought of the song "more than a feeling"
i dont think i want to know the lyrics lol

rivercat said...

i feel that

i feel it
you feel it

would feel better :)

rivercat said...

how about this:

i feel good because you are you
thanks :)

zonedin said...

I do like that last line;~)

Ana Goncalves said...

Precise and appreciative. :)