Tuesday, July 20, 2010

time out

the love i sought is mindless

the love i found is

my love beckons
I have become a child.


zonedin said...

A child in awe of its wonders... I imagine;~)

zonedin said...

Now it makes me sad. Why can't the second one survive?

unbending river said...

please dont be sad. This poem works fine as a straight forward victoious love poem too...

the idea of the two selves in the poem is
just that much more heroic to me. The victory for the neurotic is the realization that the negative self image cant be cured with an idealized self.
Only with a realistic conception can the
(potential) self be relized.
In this context the second one( perfect or idealized self)is impossible and totally unrealisti and creating an unhealthy vacillation between hating yourself and trying to be perfect. I hope that explains it ok.

zonedin said...

I think you explained it perfectly;~)

So unless I can idealize an imperfect me, I will never be out of this love/hate war with myself.

That's my imperfect way of trying to paraphrase... hope I am close.

unbending river said...

peronally that was not my take at all,but its an easy read if your interested enough to want to look over karen horneys work re these matters.

i think ilike the more obvious interpretation better and better each time iread it

zonedin said...

I'll put that on my list of reads, thanks. Sounds like one I would have to buy because by the time I pay all the library fines for keeping it so long... I'd own it anyway. Some books I just like to digest bits over time.

rivercat said...

sometimes gooogle books has old stuff.
i have a problem finding where i saved it cause ofallthe icons i have
i keep making new folders the forgetting them
because even though the start out all organized
soon i find ive filed them with tidbits that make it hard to remeber whats where