Sunday, July 25, 2010

the us

ours will be the first perfect marriage


Rajat said...

perfect.. I have still not come across something perfect. Does it even exist?

unbending river said...

not yet.

do you follow any blogs? i would
consider your consideration an honor
and it would make it easier for me to travel to yours

unbending river said...

to be less mysterious rajat, one of the partners is imagination can you guess the other?

zonedin said...

"A rainbow is as real as a derrick." ~Richard Le Gallienne

Rajat said...

You made me ponder over it I am married to my dreams.. you may call it my imagination.
So let me link it this way "ours will be the first perfect marriage", that is my dreams with my hard work. What say?
Please I want to know about your perfect marriage.

rivercat said...

yes that works well. I was thinking of
imagination hooking up with knowledge and having them inspire each other. Each alone
is lacking.
thanks for the link to your site nd for coming back . I wasnt sure if i should have asked you a question like that .afterwards ithought it might have been rude or awkward. Thanks for being a sport and returning to the post. Work requires knowledge and in todays world you have to be a lifelong learner acquiring new skills as technology rapidly advances