Friday, July 23, 2010


with day finally closed
crickets quickly
lift thier song

cleft notes
left written
with no ears
to listen

they feel
the dissonance


Whatever said...

I guess you've heard where they slow it right down and it sounds like choirs of angels?

zonedin said...

I thought they stop when they found their mate or maybe they stop when they give up trying for the night.

Anyway, I have crickets all in my house they escape the frog terrarium. I didn't know they could climb glass. I found one chirping on my pillow the other night.

unbending river said...

i read about them and was fascinated,by what i read.these crickets stop when they scared...and only the male makes noise

rivercat said...

hey, i was looking back and noticed I never answered that. Ive only heard the cricket choir on google, and that was last night. When I first read this I didnt know really what you meant so
I remained silent, maybe because I didnt want to seem ignorant. Anyhow, that is interesting to hear. I like how when I run in the summer, I hear them and because the trees are close all the way on the jog, it sounds like its always the same crickets singing :)